Learn about Government Branches

Learn about the executive, judicial and legislative branches in North Carolina.

Open Government

Tải game nổ để đổi thưởngWant to become more involved? Tips on how to keep an eye on your state government.

Open Budget

Explore budgeted amounts and actual expenditures for each State agency supported by the State’s General Fund.

Your Government

Governor Roy Cooper portrait
Chief Executive

Gov. Roy Cooper

NC Department of Justice building front
Judicial Branch

The Courts

Legislative Building
Legislative Branch

General Assembly

My Elected Representatives

Tải game nổ để đổi thưởng North Carolina has new State and Congressional Districts in place for 2020 elections. The General Assembly provides an interactive map to help you find your current representative for the NC House, NC Senate, and US Congress. Enter your home address, or search by District, County or Voter Registration.

Let Your Voice be Heard: Vote


Tải game nổ để đổi thưởngSearch by precinct or address



Voter districts, voting place, voting history, sample ballots



Register every time you move.


Tải game nổ để đổi thưởngGo to the State Board of Elections Website.

Laws, Rules and Regulations

County Government Websites